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Archive for October 18th, 2008

Day 61 – 18th October

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 18, 2008

Day 61 – 18th October – Melbourne

I woke up better than yesterday, but I did not touch the evil rum last night, only beer, so that is good 🙂 Packed up and headed off around 9.30am after getting fuel and a snack etc. A hot day and at this time of the morning it was already mid 20s, makes all the difference. I was wondering how far I could get south before it started to get cold and I would have to add gear.

Basically I just took the fastest route that the GPS would take me and followed that. Down through Ouyen, Salt Lake, Wycheproof, Inglewood, Kyneton and down into the metro area.I found out later that my SPOT was not generating tracks, most likely caused by low voltage in the batteries, so there is no real record of the way I travelled. These are rechargeable batteries, not the Lithiums that are recommended, so after about 5 days or so, they need to be swapped and I forgot to do it.

Anyway, it was a boring straight run south with only the one fuel stop before getting into Melbourne around 3.30pm about the time I expected. I headed to the caravan park that K1W1 suggested, but no camping allowed due to zoning or something, same with the next one a bit further south. I was sick of traffic lights by now and the coolness had not happened like I expected. I eventually found one down near Frankston at the Chelsea Beach caravan park and they had sites, so I booked in for 2 nights to start.

It was a pleasant evening with some take away tucker from across the road. I was a fair way from the meeting place the next day so I had to be on the road by about 8.15 at the latest as I had no idea where to go, good old TomTom. I even had new maps installed, that was a bonus 🙂

Day – 613km
Trip – 21,412km
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