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Archive for October 27th, 2008

Day 70 – 27th October

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 27, 2008

I slept in as expected, but my plan was to walk into town and see a few things which I tried to do but going downhill was easy. Until I dropped my jacket somewhere and had to retrace my steps up a lot of stairs until I found it, that wore me out already. It was a great day, the sun was out and it was really starting to get warm. It turns out that heading downhill to the left is wrong, so when I asked an old chap is that road to the harbour, he said no way, it is way over that way, so I hopped on the same bus he was waiting for, easy πŸ™‚
I wandered around for a bit and saw another blue 08 Vstrom parked in the city with a heap of other bikes.

I had some lunch around the harbour, I wanted to see the Aurora Australis, which is the Antarctic ship that is based here, but at this time it was actually down there rescuing someone, so no go there. But, what I did see is the Oceanic Viking, this ship is the customs boat that patrols the southern ocean fisheries that belong to Australia, especially the Orange Ruffy grounds down near Antarctica etc. I never realised how big this ship is, it is massive, I reckon it would be cool to serve aboard this ship down there πŸ™‚

More wondering around and spotted an exact replica of the Lady Nelson tall ship, very nice.

And back in towards the city I noticed they have parking problems πŸ™‚

I had intended to go to the Antarctic Show which was down near Salamanca Square, but when I checked at the Visitors centre they said it had closed down 4 years ago. Well, the brochures they had on the shelves still had this in their as a place to go, so I think that will be sorted soon. I organised tickets to Port Arthur and the Island of the Dead, as well as the Ghost Tour for the following days, also I pre booked a ticket back to the mainland and got it $60 cheaper, cool.

I then called Dan to get an address for the Suzuki shop, I needed a filter and oil, but as he had finished work early, he picked me up and after the purchase I did an oil change.

Then we picked up Ann after work and had a meal at an Italian place, very nice food.

After that, we watched a pre-recorded Moto GP which was a great win to Casey Stoner. I was heading off in the morning so I managed to sort out most of what I needed to do, although I was still a few days behind in the blog. I did finally get a response about my tyre watch system, they are sending a new unit, but I won’t see that until I get back to Rocky as it is hard to organise where to send it from this point on.

I would just like to say I enjoyed my time in Hobart and appreciate Dan and Ann for putting me up, I had a great time. Saab463, if you are reading this, I did not wear them out and you should have no worries when you rock up in a while πŸ™‚

Day – 0km
Trip – 23,487km

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