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Archive for October 19th, 2008

Day 62 – 19th October

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 19, 2008

Last night was warm until early morning when it turned real cold. After getting fully dressed I headed off around 8.20am. I had checked my oil again and it was down again, so I used the remaining oil I had but it made no difference. When I fuelled up they did not have the oil I was using so I tried 2 other servos before just buying a litre of semi-synthetic motorcycle oil. I added some more using guess work but it is becoming an issue I think. I followed TT and eventually arrived at the meeting place with a bit of time to spare. There were a number of bikes there already and Mr.Farkles was the first over to see what else I had added to a winning combination πŸ™‚ I could not show him my trophy from last weekend’s AGM because I had left it up at Peters place, but I have the photo

We headed off with K1W1 as leader and our destination was Broadmount for the Historical Motorcycle race day. I have no idea which way we went, I was too busy hanging on through some of the twistys and then we went up high amongst the clouds, or fog and it was quite chilly. Here is a map kindly donated by K1W1

We eventually arrived and parked up, once again Mr.Farkles was twitching over my strom, but he did install some chrome highway pegs on his πŸ™‚

The old bikes were a treat and of course having a crappy camera, my shots are unequal to the task, but I took a few. There was a lady rider who won nearly every race she entered and quite comfortable as well.

For a better idea of what these bikes look like, check out the photos K1W1 took with a flash camera.

After that we were led by a ring in, that is I mean, Derek on his GS1100, we had met at the AGM last weekend as well, he took us a slightly different route back to Warrendyte.

And then when we got to Warrendyte, horror of horrors, Donunder and Saab463, close your eyes m8ys I have been corrupted, eeek!

I survived, but now I know why they have these lattes etc, although we drank hot chocolate, it is too bloody cold to drink beer, by crikey it was cold. I had also lost my sweater, lucky a hock shop was just next door and bought another cheapie. We then headed off and Derek went his own way while we went and chatted with Peter, or Glitch_Oz, he knows bikes and we tried to work out why I am using so much oil. He was busy working on his latest creation, here is a sneak preview, with some censoring.

I used up the whole of the rest of the bottle I had plus some extra that Peter gave me. It seems there is no leak, no loss of power and no smoke, but the bike is burning oil at a high rate. I may have cracked an oil ring 😦 I will have to get it checked out ASAP and K1W1 will send me some details of a local guy. I have tomorrow off just using buses etc, so I will have time to maybe find out.

Day – 285km
Trip – 21,697km

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