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Archive for July 4th, 2009

Day 208– 4th July 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on July 4, 2009

Saturday – Cody, Wyoming

Well, there was quite a bike convention going on this morning, 3 riders were doing the continental divide ride from Canada to Mexico, all on KTMs, then there were the family on the BMWs just riding, and a couple of chaps on Suzukis also riding, we had a great old time swapping stories 🙂

The BMW family told me that there was a nice caravan park in Cody and advised that as today is July 4th, a big holiday the campsites in the park could well be full by the time I get there, there is no booking ahead, hmmm! Well, Cody sounded good and was also the start point for the Bear Tooth Pass so I would aim for there first off, then maybe go into Yellowstone first thing in the morning, or do the round trip of 100 miles each day. I was on the road by 9am, early for a change and fuelled up at Three Forks about an hour up the road, the head wind was killing my economy, but it is better than a side wind 🙂

Onwards north and I soon stopped at a historic site called Split Rock.

This rabbit was not scared of me at all 🙂

Another stop up the road a ways was another historic site, very interesting.

On up the hilly plains and I came to a lookout, an extremely bad road led to this and really shook the bike up.

The view was excellent from here, but I could not see forever as the clouds were still around.

I checked out my chain here because the last few days have been so wet, the oiler seemed not to be working, I cleaned the tip and kept on going, but only until a bit further down the range where I stopped and ripped the gear off to do some checks. The power was good but I did find the oil bottle upside down, the strap had worked loose and this may be the problem, another thing to keep an eye on for the next few days.

I kept on and eventually passed into the Wind River Canyon, a very nice place, cool scenery and nice roads.

At the tunnel entrance I stopped, over the other side of the river is the railway tunnel, a great feat I reckon.

Like I said, the scenery was awesome 🙂

I went through a town called Steamboat Springs, extremely touristy, I did not stop, except for the lights but I did stop at a place called Meeteetse, because I needed fuel, this was only 30 miles or so from Cody, but I did not want to chance it. I grabbed a quick bite as well, a pizza snack and chatted to a couple who were on their way home from Yellowstone.

Hi Bill and Ann, nice meeting with you. They also told me I had no worries about Yellowstone, there was a lot of empty space in the campgrounds, so that is great, but I still intended to stop in Cody tonight as I needed to learn how to put up this new tent of mine. It was apparently a short walk from town, so a chance of a beer on Independence Day, maybe 🙂

On I go and found another historic spot, it is nice that here in Wyoming everything is so well sign posted, some I have passed in other states because they are hard to find.

Then a short run until I got to Cody, a very cowboy town according to what I saw on the way to the campground on the other side of town.

I found a nice site down near the creek, with a steep hill and curves to get there. I managed to work out the tent, it was a bit different to what I expected, but it is very spacious inside. 🙂

After a short effort up near the office checking out emails, I decided as it was Saturday I would have a beer. There was a rodeo out of town, a place I will give a miss I think. On the way out of the camp ground I see these fire hydrants for the dog to piss on 🙂

And also a congruence of the old and the new.

I walked into town about a mile past all the locals doing their holiday thing and found the first pub to be Buffalo Bills old pub, so I stopped for a beer or two, it was happy hour 🙂

That’s one of the bar girls, JP is the only name she would give out 🙂

I met a couple of pommy tourists, John and Mike, G’day chaps have a great time 🙂

Then I met a cowboy Canadian called Jason, well actually he is a farmer, we had quite a few beers together, great bloke 🙂

I had a beer with the singer, of country music, not rap music 🙂

Then after watching the fireworks for a short while, Jason and I headed to another bar, here I met another Mike and had some more beers 🙂

There was more that happened and it was longer to walk home in the late evening as well, actually it was morning, but still along walk

Day 274 miles and 441 km
Trip – 23,439 miles and 37,721 km


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