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Archive for July 28th, 2009

Day 232 – 28th July 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on July 28, 2009

Tuesday – Dawson City, Yukon, Canada

More rest and recuperation but also some minor repairs to attend to

So, the morning was about shot by the time I got up, after a late night like last night, I needed to sleep in 🙂 Well, there seemed to be a lot of empty space, so a lot of people have left, and the smoke haze was bad as well!

I added another page to the blog before wandering into town for some breakfast/lunch whatever which I found at the Midnight Sun Hotel, just a basic toasted sanger, but the ham looked on the thin side.

Then I wondered around the town for a bit, reading some of the info boards that are placed outside some of the facades. A lot of the old businesses have shut down of course, but they have restored some of the fronts. This is “The Pit’ where a lot of the locals drink.

This one is called the PUB, nice name, but still a bit early for beer 🙂

This one is self explanatory!

So I wandered a bit further down the dusty streets, but you can see the sidewalks are really side walks, raised up boards out of the dust and I guess mud during the melt. I headed for the hardware shop to buy something to make a flagpole with, my old one broke and I left the tatty flag at Liard River camp ground, I only have 2 flags left.

The I went back and fixed a few things. One of them is the SPOT that kept falling off over the rough roads. What has happened is the velcro ‘loops’ bit has failed, the ‘hooks’ are still fine, so what I intend doing is swap the hooks and loops around so that the loops are on the actual SPOT, the reverse of the way it was. This just meant gluing some new stuff to both sides and while that was drying, install my new flag pole and flag.

So that took all of ½ an hour, that even included repairs to the strap holding my Airhawk in place, I had broken it while dismounting one day. So, all fixed, I think and I sat in the shade of my neighbours van for a while, writing and uploading the previous days entry. This was successful but as it got closer to 6pm, the slower the connection got. But, after the deal was done, I headed into town again. I figured I might try some beers at different pubs for a change, and maybe find a photo of interest at each 🙂 The first stop was the Midnight Sun, here it was happy hour and the beer was nice, so was the salmon on the wall, apparently 65lbs and was caught 60 odd years ago.

On the way to the next pub I spotted this bad parking zone, ouch!

I tried to go in here but it was one of those closed down facades!

So, I opted for Bombay Peggy’s instead, this is the one with PUB on it, but I had not seen the metal sign this morning. This also was a bit of a bordello and Peggy was a white lady who just picked the name out of a hat, she is long dead by now. The sign on the wall was nice, the last line reads (Gentlemen Entertained $1.00) When I asked the girl if the price was still the same, she of course told me it had gone up 🙂

I had the one beer then went down to the Westmark where you drink up on the top deck, but there were no spare seats outside and the bartender was a bloke, so I gave it a miss! 🙂

Did I mention at all about how hot it was? The day I rode into Dawson it was freezing and I had all my gear on as I mentioned the other day, but when I arrived in town I sweltered under the 30+ heat, well it has not changed and was in the mid 30s now. This is after 6pm and the sun would not set until after 10pm, so the heat just hangs on in there, so I needed to get some moisture in me 🙂 So, I wandered back down the hot dusty street to the PIT. Here they had some nice murals and the bar is real old, as well as a humungous set of Moose headgear and a canoe.

Next up I was heading for Gerties again as I had paid for last night’s ticket to enter which was for two nights, just a “come back sucker” gimmick, it works 🙂 But, I saw the JJJ Hotel just past there so I had a beer there as well 🙂 One of the local chaps was complaining about the heat as well and told me he would prefer it if it was -12C all year round, not for me it ain’t!!!

The barmaid was nice, but untouchable so I left 🙂 Back to Gerties where I tried for some clearer shots, but the lighting was terrible 😦 Never mind, the idea was there,

So I turned to the Blackjack tables again where I split tens again four times and won all of the hands when the dealer busted. I was told by another chap, never ever ever split tens, you will nearly always get a smaller hand, so I stopped doing it, a learning curve.

I was a tad peckish, so a slice of Hawaiian pizza fixed that 8)

Back to the tables and a new prettier dealer, and a few nice cards on occasion as well.

I had a try at the Roulette, but lost very quickly as I had no real idea what to do.

A quick photo with the dancers 🙂

And as I was becoming tired after three nights on it, I headed back at a good time of around 11.30pm, it was still light out.

After a nice shower it was hit the sack, tomorrow I was heading for Alaska along the Top of the World Highway.

Day 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 27,620 miles and 44,450 km


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