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Archive for July 10th, 2009

Day 214 – 10th July 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on July 10, 2009

Friday – Miles City, Montana

I slept in again, 🙂 I knew I would as I had a late night, what made the morning a bit worse was I found the water from the tap very foul tasting, yuck, but I needed water so I forced it down. I spent some time writing up some blog stuff and then decided I would go into town and see about some internet. I found a library and managed to get two days worth uploaded, on a shaky connection, it was slow on upload of photos, but I managed in the end. Next to the library was a bar, with a nice old Cadillac parked outside it, I found out later it is a restored 67, a nice piece of machinery 🙂

It was happy hour at the bar, so I went in for a hair of the dog and met up with a nice bloke called Spark Dog, a Harley rider from out of town.

We got on OK, but after 2 Bud lights I went back to the Montana Bar where as I found out, it was Friday night, so I had a couple more with Lee, and Larry and his wife.

I did not stay long as I needed to get the bike home, when I did get back to the motel I met up with a lot of young people who are part of a building group. They are building a house here along the principles of self sustainable living. They have a web site which makes for interesting reading, click here I couldn’t help laughing at Nick, he had locked his bike up, but anyone who wanted it could just pick it up and walk away! 🙂

They were all heading up to the bar and so was I, of course, it was a short walk up the road.

Here is where I learnt to play shuffleboard. This is sort of like curling, there are small weighted objects which are slid along the wooden surface which is covered in sand. The sand is showing up very bright under the flash, but in reality you can hardly see it normally. It was a weird game, fun though, a bit like lawn bows, without the bias. It was another late night chatting with this group of about 10 or so who are all here for this project.

This is Dave the bar owner, a nice bloke, he gave me his own personal wetty stubby cooler, thanks m8 🙂

It turned into another late night, well after 2am by the time we were evicted and chatted outside the rooms. 🙂 Hmmm, it looks like another day in Miles City 🙂

Day 6 miles and 10 km
Trip – 24,129 miles and 38,832 km


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