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Archive for July 21st, 2009

Day 225 – 21st July 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on July 21, 2009

Tuesday – Grande Cache, British Columbia, Canada

I saw my first wild bear today, wow 🙂

So, the plan was to get down to the bakery and have breakfast while posting a bit of stuff, so after a great nights sleep in which I was not eaten by a bear, I packed up and was ready to go bright and early.

Ahh, now I had seen the notice in the window but I had no idea it meant today. They were closed for interior work, bummer! Oh well, I went down to Melissas Missteak for breakfast instead and eggs and ham means eggs and a ham steak, it was very nice and quite filling 🙂

As there was no internet, it meant I had a lot of extra time up my sleeve, but today I was heading north, so I figured I could find some internet where I am going, or maybe on the way. So, I headed first to the small loop road which is a scenic ride to Lake Louise. And it was very scenic as well as having some history about it.

There was also some history about the detainees during the war, mainly Ukrainian settlers.

The parkway is like all the others I have been on, very green and with restricted speed, that 60 is in kms. But, eventually I got back onto the main road where I was stopped by the road works again, this is where they were building another animal bridge.

I was surprised by this sign, I mean where do I go?

More spectacular scenery followed at another reflective lake.

Now I get amongst the icefields and glaciers.

Just after leaving here I spotted a car parked funnily on the side of the road, this usually meant wildlife and they were not wrong 🙂 I think this is a brown bear, it was quite placidly eating stuff and pretty much ignored all the cars and cameras etc! It was only about 30m away, cool eh!

Then onwards but stopping a lot because of the views, bloody camera strap 🙂

A short way up the road was a glacier that you could nearly walk on, but it has melted so much that it is a bit dangerous.

Watch out for five finger discount!

It was a bit of a hike up to the actual foot of the glacier and the wind was howling and cold, there must be some ice around 🙂

Back on the road again and just more of the same old, same old, no way, this is great 🙂

I got into Jasper and fuelled up before heading off again, just up the road a bit was a sign saying look out for Big Horned Sheep in the next 2km, well, they were chewing the grass just near the sign, so I guess the sign was in the right spot!

After Jasper I had no idea where I wanted to stay, but I recalled a name from my memory that I am sure Art or the guys from Edmonton told me about and that place was called Grande Cache. As I wanted to make distance I decided to head for that. I had checked the distance to Fairbanks in Alaska and it was over 2500km away, so while the weather was good, I needed to make tracks. And the ride from here was very fast and pleasant, no more mountains to ride in, except the valley floors, but it was fun.

I still had a ways to go, but no worries, just keep an eye out for wildlife and try to ignore the suns glare as I was heading west and into it. I eventually got into Grande Cache around 5pm, so it was not that late at all, but I was getting tired.

The caravan park was easy to find and I had soon started setting up camp, although the ground was hard and rocky, so I only used a couple of pegs for the vestibule, hopefully no cyclone would turn up tonight. Then I worked out a way to get my food off the ground. There are no bear boxes supplied here and although I was supposed to park the food 100m away, that would mean in someone else’s camp site, not nice!

I had been really unimpressed by my resized photos, the quality has not been the same since I did that registry reset the other week in Williston, so I went through all the settings again and found another check box which when I tested it, the photos were a lot clearer. This means when I post a picture of writing, the actual words are easier to read, great stuff! While working on the blog I was visited by this cute little chappie, he seemed very tame, I guess people have been feeding him which is a no no, I gave him nothing, that is a piece of paper he is chewing on, but he gave up after a short while and scampered everywhere, inlcuding all over me bloody keyboard!

I did some relaxing and reading, basically had a quiet night, but as the sun did not set until late, it was still light by the time I went to sleep. I used ear plugs, this way I would not hear any bears snuffling around my gear!

Day 327 miles and 526 km
Trip – 26,157 miles and 42,096 km


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