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Day 59 = 16th October

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 16, 2008

Well, I was right, it was freezing last night, I used everything I had to get warm and it worked. There was a fair bit of frost and I had to wait for the sun to get up and dry things out. By the time I was ready to leave at 9.30am, it was starting to warm up nicely and I had blue skies. I was not in a hurry and I wanted to take a few photos of some things I saw yesterday on the map.

The first one is for Alan from Cairns, he travelled with me last year on the Long Ride and did a side trip to Bing Bong up on the gulf. Well, Alan, I found another one just for you

This one was open, but quite empty, I have no idea what it is for or means 🙂 Now, the next one was going to be even more interesting as it was called Tittybong, but although I was there at the correct location by GPS and map, there was absolutely nothing there, not even a sign 😦 So, no photo of that one, never mind, I stopped and had some lunch over on them rocks and this time there were no birds to share with but at least a 100,000 flies. I am quite certain I managed to eat everything without any extra ‘protein’ 🙂

I stopped in just after this at Swan Hill, just to use their internet that I mentioned the other day and check some emails. Then I continued onwards, about an hour later I noticed I was at an airways crossroads, either that or an aerial noughts and crosses competition

I got into Mildura to Peters place around 5.30pm, good timing, hah naked Vstrom 🙂

We found a good deal down the road when shopping for booze, a forty pounder for just under forty bucks, wow, so we bought one each and some beers and munchies etc.

After that it was just socialising with Debbie, and Jacinta and her mad pup Shilo and later on Greg turned up, that was much later though and my memory was shot by then 🙂 Let’s just say it was gone 2am before I crashed out and one rum bottle and a bit was shot. I won’t post any bad photos, just these 🙂

Day – 503km
Trip – 20,699km
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