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Archive for November 3rd, 2008

Day 77 – 3rd November

Posted by TravellingStrom on November 3, 2008

I slept in as expected before John managed to cook breakfast without any burning at all 🙂
After that while packing and helping John with some WordPress queries I noticed that my blog on Johns computer showed the pictures as full size and uncropped. This was on a 4:3 aspect ratio monitor and he was using Internet Explorer. So, although I will not advocate using this crap program, those people who have the pictures cropped, maybe they can try with IE and see what happens, maybe there is a browser setting that needs adjusting?

John had been talking about selling the BMW as it was now costing him lots of money, which is why they are called BMW, Bring My Wallet or Bring More Wippy 🙂 He was thinking of buying a Vstrom or maybe a DR650, but I am sure he will not be changing to this bike which belongs to Dean, their son 🙂 It is a Suzuki though, so the brand is good .

Then a friend who was moving house turned up and left his Harley there for a day or so, the yard was slowly filling up with bikes.

I eventually headed off, in the rain mind you around lunch time. Thanks a bunch John and Deb for putting me up, I enjoyed it and appreciate it 🙂

Now comes the weird part. When I was last in Melbourne I had stayed at the East Coast Caravan Park in Chelsea Heights, which is on the east coast of Port Philip Bay. No worries, I had the address and dialled it in, but I stuffed up, instead of 29 Wells Road, I entered 29 Wells Street. It was still in the general direction, but I ended up in the middle of Frankston high street at lunchtime, not fun! I then tried every which way to get the damm address in but it would not accept it. Now, when I was here last I had saved the location in Favourites, but of course I had upgraded my maps and software and this had been removed. The Point Of Interest for Camping Grounds did not even have this in its database, so this was a concern. I decided to wing it, I headed to Chelsea and after a bit of mucking around managed to find Wells Road and of course the CP. The funny thing is, when got near the CP, it showed up as a tent on my TomTom. For some reason the name had changed in the POIs to Blue Gum Caravan Park, no wonder I could not find it 😦 Stupid bloody data people.

Anyway, I grabbed some lunch at Kentucky Duck and saw Greg ride past, he ended up joining me for lunch before we set up camp.

The rain had mostly gone by now and after grabbing groceries from the shop up the road, we had some beers at the pub next door before buying a few take away drinks, having dinner and trying to resolve the photo image problems with my Blog. We tried a heap of things, but no go, so I will have to spend some time on the blog forum and do some reading or ask a question or two. Later! We watched an episode of Sons of Anarchy and crashed out, we wanted to be moving to the Cup quite early the next day.

Day – 90km
Trip – 25,446km
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