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Archive for November 9th, 2008

Day 83 – 9th November

Posted by TravellingStrom on November 9, 2008

A sleep in today as it was Sunday and a great big breakfast of bacon and eggs on toast, a lot different to my usual muesli bar 🙂 The day was sunny and a tad cool up here in the hills but a nice view though.

This is the dirty GS that Al rides, just as it should be.

After packing up I had to negotiate the driveway, so just in case I came a croppa, I taped my camera to my helmet and took a movie, I took it easy and got down without making a mess of it.

This is from the bottom of the driveway, you can sort of see the road through the trees.

I headed off south to Braidwood, the countryside was green and the roads good.

When I got amongst the hills I started to see a lot of bikes, probably returning from the rally in Thredbo. I had some fun amongst the twistys with a small group of bikes I got caught with.

Once I hit the coast again, I turned north and did the same thing as yesterday, a bit boring this stretch, but eventually I saw a small servo with food shop next to it and had some tucker.

I was thinking about where to stop and the name Kiama rang a bell, someone may have mentioned it somewhere, anyway I decided to stop there. I picked a caravan park up on the bluff. It was not too bad, so after setting up I went down town for a beer and then bought some takeaways. I spent the next few hours in the games room which had Pay TV and listened to the cricket while doing some research. There were some nice views up here.

Day – 339km
Trip – 27,061km

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