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Archive for November 8th, 2008

Day 82 – 8th November

Posted by TravellingStrom on November 8, 2008

I had a weak signal where I was but it was enough to do a bit of internet stuff. I did this while the tent was sort of drying. It had stopped late last night but while I was getting breakfast it started spitting again.

I did not have any plans for the day so I called a few people in the area of Canberra and Goulbourn to see if anyone was home, very late notice of course but I had no idea how close everything is around this area.

Canberra was out after getting a return call, but Goulbourn was in, Alan said drop on by. So, I decided to do a run up the coast towards Nowra, then head west to his place, I expected to be there mid afternoon.

First off, pack up the gear, here is what the campsite looks like with no rain and during daylight.

I headed off back to Tathra and down to the wharf, just for a photo nothing else. People fish off here and seem to catch a bit as well.

Then I headed off north up the coast via Bermagui and Batemans Bay, grabbed a quick beach shot on the way past πŸ™‚

As you can see, the day was looking a bit average; it was quite cool and blowy with not much chance of sun according to the forecast. I actually like that photo πŸ™‚

I got into Bermagui and after fuelling up went for a look down at the Blue Pool, a man made pool near the ocean and part of the rocks, but it was way too cold for me today πŸ™‚

Up the road a way I saw this stupid tortoise crossing the road, so once again I do a U turn and give him a helping hand, the traffic was bad and this little bugger did not even thank me πŸ˜‰

There was a place called Camel Rock, so just to add another piece of Australia to my collection I went for a walk down to the beach, it looks like a kneeling camel, but is a bit ragged.

There was a lot of coastal roads and we crossed a lot of small bridges and causeways etc, this one was quite low and I reckon it would have issues on a high tide and a low pressure system.

There was some nice countryside around this area and the ride was nice although there was a lot of tourists around, I mean other tourists of course

The rest of the day was just ride ride ride and enjoy the scenery. I eventually got up to Nowra and headed inland up the mountain range, this was a great road and I did not expect to see rainforest down this way.

When I got into Goulbourn I called Alan and he gave me directions to his place which was about 20km away in the bush πŸ™‚ He told me the last 100 meters of his driveway was a bit loose and to pick my line. Fair enough, but he did not mention it was nearly straight up πŸ™‚ I managed OK, but had a moment when coming around a corner and seeing a roo bounding away from me. You will have to wait until tomorrow for photos cos I forgot πŸ™‚

We had a great evening and a top feed and some good conversation, as well as a few beers for me πŸ™‚ Alan had done a round Oz trip earlier this year and the opposite way and covered quite a lot of dirt roads in that. He rode with a few others though, so although they had incidents, nothing to cause major concern. Oh, did I mention he rides a BMW, well we won’t mention what happened πŸ™‚

After seeing some of the photos of the roads he was on, it makes me want to do the same as I am doing now, but more dirt, when I get more experience and obviously I would need some support and probably ride with others just for the safety aspect. Oh well, I have plenty of time for that πŸ™‚

Day – 436km
Trip – 26,722km

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