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Archive for November 15th, 2008

Day 89 – 15th November

Posted by TravellingStrom on November 15, 2008

We all got up early again and after the storm last night the rain had set in and stayed, and the forecast was for more rain over the next few days, bummer. We cleaned the boat and stowed everything away and headed into town. The first stop was the Bavaria dealer where Alan ordered some new bits and found out the reason no other boat owner would acknowledge his boat. Apparently, he had done such a good deal on the purchase, everyone else who owned one thought he was a thief as they had all payed heaps more 🙂 Hahahaha and the dealer knew the boat and said it was a good one, what a bonus!

Then I was taken back to Bongos place where I packed the bike and headed off around midday. I headed for Canberra, I had spoken to Emmjay and he said it was not raining there, so that was good.

It was just a boring run out west, I had done this road a few times now, although I took the toll road out of the city, my first ever time I had to pay to use a road, except for normal taxes anyway. I was so used to going past Goulbourn on that road, I must have been asleep because I missed the turn south and ended up heading to Yass, after about 20km I noticed my GPS showing me to do a U Turn, bummer 🙂

I went past Lake George but I cannot see why it has the name as there was no water and judging by the fences and sheep and cows it has not had water for yonks!

I went to the caravan park at Eagle Hawk, but it was 1 ½ km from the pub and charged $30/night, way too expensive. I went to the one right next to the pub and what a stupid place that is, they do not accept tents? But the signs on the highway all say they do, idiots, so I bit the bullet and went back to the Capital CP where I had just been. The chap was kind and only charged me $20 so I booked in for two nights, that was OK and I had a choice of power if I wanted, so I did, at no extra cost.

I had a couple at the bar, but being Saturday, it was loud with racing and TAB stuff, so I grabbed some ice and had a few back at the camp in the sun 🙂

Day – 348km
Trip – 28,029km

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