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Archive for November 4th, 2008

Day 78 – 4th November – Melbourne Cup

Posted by TravellingStrom on November 4, 2008

After sorting out a few things around camp and having a cuppa etc, it was time for the off. It was quite cool and had been over night. We had a bus timetable, but after standing around for a bit, we phoned up and they said to use Saturday’s timetable which was strange as it was a Public Holiday. Anyway, after nearly getting a cab to the train station we ended up using a different bus route to a different station, thanks to a local lad 🙂

We got the train OK and from now on it was just follow everyone else.

All change at Flinders St station for the express to Flemington Racecourse, it was a tad busy 🙂

When we arrived after unpacking the sardine can, I mean train we went straight to the main bookies ring to check out the odds.

This is a monument to the great Makybe Diva which has won the cup 3 years straight.

The girls wore their finest and people’s small parties were everywhere.

This is the entrance to the winner’s enclosure and the finishing post.

Lots of groups turned up with themed outfits, these guys are 2/3rds the way there I guess 🙂

I did not buy a ticket in this, not my cup of tea 🙂

Yuck, how could they!

Now, that is better viewing 🙂

After grabbing a beer, we finally managed to get down to the rail to watch a race, I had money on this one, only 3 each way though.

After a protest, my horse which had come first was finally vindicated and the result stood, so I collected.

We had a decko at the parade ring and saw some horse flesh up close 🙂

There were even themed girls in costume.

Another lap and another beer saw the crowds thickening as the big race drew near.

Hmm, do not be fooled, that is a bloke

Then another beer and back to the parade ring to see the actual cup horses being led around.

That horse in the picture behind me came 2nd and was pipped in a photo with number 10.

Greg spending up big on the cup

The Melbourne Cup itself then did a trip down the main straight.

The crowd was building so we went and pushed into a rail position down near the 400m mark.

Then finally they were off, a few minutes late as well 🙂 First lap

2nd lap

This is a statue of Bart Cummings a trainer who continually sends winning horses to the cup, in fact today he did it again, he is a legend 🙂

After the cup of which we donated money and received nothing in return, damm tipsters, we had a choice, start heading back before it gets messy or stay. As we had no idea on transport and schedules, we decided to get back to the city and have a beer there. There were some interesting sights to look at as we left.

Then on the train it was sardine city again, breath in and close the doors 🙂

Back in the city it was a bit more relaxed

But after having a beer in this bar, we were moved from our table due to a band starting to set up.

I reckoned that we should visit the info booth at the Flinders St station to find a route back to the caravan park, because we had failed to get the bus number this morning. It was lucky we did so as there was only really one choice and that left at 5.20pm, so we had time for another and then left. The bus connection dropped us right outside the pub next to the caravan park, how fortunate 🙂 But, the bottle shop was closed and the bar did not do take away’s, which meant we had to stay and drink there until closing with the lovely barmaid Emily, she looked after us 🙂

Day – 0km
Trip – 25,446km

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