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Day 102 – 28th November

Posted by TravellingStrom on November 28, 2008

There was no real rush today, but I wanted to be somewhere near Dons place around 3pm, Donunder on VSRI had invited me to stay and had organised a ride and maybe drinks.

On the road around 9am and heading to Springbrook and eventually Nerang which is ride number 10. It took me a little while to find the turnoff, but I eventually found the right road by ignoring the GPS as it wanted me to take a different way. The farmland was cane and then I found my first water crossing of the trip 🙂

The roads soon went up into the mountains.

And finally after more than 3 months away, I was back in Queensland 🙂

Up in the mountain was a waterfall carved Natural Bridge, so I went for a look. The walking track was not as informative as the ones down south and west, they tell you how long the track is and what type of conditions, this one was guess work. Well, I guess I go down there, which means I have to come back up again 🙂

The waterfall was good and it was very damp down there. I did not see any glow worms though, maybe not dark enough.

Then I had to negotiate some fallen trees on the return leg and another viewing platform

Further down the road I saw signs advising of high risk area for accidents, big long sweeping bends and some sharper ones on occasion. This one was recent as there was still dirt on the road and about 2/3rds the way around the bend was another flower memorial from an earlier time. I took it easy around most of these, well sort of anyway.

After turning left before Nerang I was on the dead end road to Binna Burra a national park with a shop and cabins etc, very nice views up here, this was ride number 8. I was intending to buy a snack, but $5 for a sausage roll was a bit much, I actually needed fuel, but I had to go back to Canungra for that.

After fuelling up and having a snack, I also adjusted my clutch, it had been playing up, but it turned out to be the adjuster had vibrated loose, easy fix. Then I headed out to Rathdowney, this was ride number 9 and from here I just turned around and headed to Brisbane.

Brisbane had slow road works and bad traffic most of the way, but after that it was a bit more open space.

I stopped in the local tavern to cool down and had a few cokes as it was a bit early for meeting Don. I checked the cricket out for a while as well. Then went to Dons place, he has a 1000 version.

Beer was on offer as well as chatting with the dogs 🙂

After a while we went to a pub on the way to Brisbane city where we met up with Saab and Buzz and had some drinks and dinner.

It was a quiet evening as everyone had plans as it was getting close to the Xmas silly season start. Don and I had a few rums and a chat back at his place 🙂

Day – 392km
Trip – 32,035km

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